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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Final Preparations to Fly the Cessna 182

The past couple blogs have mentioned how close the Moody 182 is to being ready to fly. Well, today everything left to get ready was gotten ready. Tomorrow, Lord willing, the fully restored Cessna 182 RG (Retractable Gear) will launch into the Coshocton County sky.

Andy and Ian wash the 182 outside Hangar C.

Andy and Ian charge the electrical system and check instrument operability.

But as the 182 undergoes final preparation, work continues on the other aircraft projects as well, the Cessna 337, the Honduran 206, and the CMML engine overhaul.

Tim and Paul test-fit a used cowling for installation on the Honduran 206 in Hangar B.

Inside the engine test cell, Josh and Tim install a "hood" over the CMML engine before running-it up. The hood, which Josh fabricated, assists in cooling the engine.

Thanks for checking in. There's a lot going on at MMS and we're thankful you have an active interest in it.

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