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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The New Oil Cooler Arrives for the Aztec

The new oil cooler for the Aztec did arrive first thing this morning.

Here's Tim in the parts room signing-in the new oil cooler.

Several other small squawks with the airplane were discovered yesterday so the Aztec isn't going to fly this afternoon, after all. The tire on the left main landing gear needs to be replaced and there's an adjustment to be made with an oil return line on the right engine.

So while Tim worked on the right engine, Dennis installed the oil cooler on the left engine.

Dennis installs the oil cooler.

Over on the Honduran 206 the final airframe tasks are being completed. The interior is being prepared for installation and adjustments are being made to the cowling to incorporate used components from another 206.

Paul works on the Honduran 206's cowling.

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Cayton said...

Ha-la for PAUL!