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Friday, September 18, 2009

One Aileron? One $4,500 Savings!

While preparing missionary airplane mechanics for field service, and doing the work necessary to return missionary airplanes to the sky, our ministry at MMS saves the mission community money three ways: 1) by not charging labor for the work done at our facility, 2) by sourcing serviceable used parts when appropriate, and 3) by fabricating parts instead of buying them.

How To Save $4,500
The Honduran 206 needed a new aileron for the right wing. The aileron is the outboard control surface on each wing that enables the airplane to "roll" right and left. Corrosion had damaged the existing aileron to the point it needed to be replaced. Researching replacement, Ian discovered that a new aileron purchased from Cessna would cost nearly $5,000 based on 2008 pricing. He also learned that Cessna didn't have any ailerons in stock.

Consequently, Ian disassembled the existing aileron, inspected the structure, ordered the component parts and skins necessary, and began building an aileron for the airplane.

Ian disassembles and inspects the aileron structure.

Ian uses the airplane as a "jig" to align holes and sheet metal components.

Ian assembles the "new" aileron.

What will building this new aileron cost the Honduran mission? Ian estimates there will be less than $500 spent on materials when all is said and done. $500 for MMS to build it compared to $5,000 to buy it. How's that for a nifty $4,500 savings for mission aviation?

This is just one instance of the type of thing that goes on every day here at MMS. Thanks for helping us minister to the lost, to the missions themselves, and to prepare workers for The Harvest through your gifts and your prayers.

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