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Friday, September 11, 2009

Crates, Cowling, And Another Cessna

There's a lot going on as the week comes to a close. Let me list the current aircraft projects in the hangar and the projects "waiting in the wings."

Current Projects and Percent of Completion
Cessna 172 for ministry in the US: annual inspection, 98%
Cessna 206 for ministry in Honduras: complete restoration; 80%
Crating an overhauled engine for shipment to a mission in Zambia, Africa, 40%
Crating a disassembled engine for shipment to a mission in South Africa, 30%
Cessna 337 for ministry in Canada: overhaul both engines, inspect airframe; 15%
Piper Comanche: annual inspection, 10%
Cessna 206 for ministry in Brazil: complete restoration; 2%

Waiting In The Wings
Cessna 172, annual inspection
Cessna 402, spar cap replacement for a ministry in Maine. (This project is going to be a major project requiring wing removal and in-depth disassembly, structural repair, and reassembly.)
GCI's King Air 200 is scheduled arrive for phase inspections 3 & 4 in the next two weeks.

In talking with Tim, MMS Production Manager, based on the aircraft projects already here, we're not able to schedule any additional work for the next six months. Having two new apprentice families arrive in the next month or so will add some welcome hands and willing hearts to help lighten the work load. The challenges are real and the expectations are high. Thanks for being part of our hangar through your gifts and your prayers.

Wings To The Word's Cessna 402 arrived yesterday for spar cap replacement.

Josh crates his engine for shipment to Zambia, Africa.

Tim crates his engine for shipment to South Africa.

Paul prepares one half of the used cowling for paint prior to installation on the Honduran 206.

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