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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Cold Air, Warm Sun, Busy Hangar

The sun came out today and it is really nice to see it up there in the blue sky. The air temperature is only 27 degrees as I type, and it's supposed to be back down in the single digits overnight (8 degrees), but when the sun's out it just feels warmer. Really. It looks like we'll have another day of sun before the next weather front (more snow) moves in on Saturday.

But while ice on the ramp may slow us down a bit moving between hangars, inside the hangars activity is as high as ever.

Jim and Paul mount the propeller on the Skipper.

Dale and Chuck discuss how to "fine tune" the vent window in the crew door Chuck's installing on the Navajo.

Mike inspects the instrument panel layout of the 172 to provide design options to the owner.

Thanks for your prayers and gifts which enable us to prepare people and planes for worldwide mission service.

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