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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Storm and The Navajo Engine

The storm arrived as predicted though, around here, it's not quite the "Storm of Historical Proportions" many media outlets, weather prognosticators, and politicians have prepared us for. That being said, "the rest of the story" is supposed to blow through over the next 24 -36 hours.

The freezing rain was real enough though not to the degree of power outages or tree damage. The local street crews have done a good job of keeping the roads passable.

Dave, our Facilities Manager, did a great job on our parking lot and the ramps which otherwise would have been ice skating rinks when we arrived early this morning. Thanks for getting here first, preparing the way, and making it safe to walk from our cars to the facility and between the hangars Dave!

Here are a couple icicle shots of the one airplane that's tied down outside our facility.

Meanwhile, back in Hangar C, the left engine is being hung on the Navajo.

Dale sorts out part of the wiring harness.

Thanks for the part you play in enabling us to prepare people and planes for worldwide mission service.

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