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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

One Aztec, One Navajo, One Skipper and a CEO

No, it's not a meeting of Native Americans and Alan Hale, Jr. (Gilligan's "Skipper"), it's just another day at MMS preparing people and planes for worldwide mission service.

The Aztec belongs to The Pfeifers, a Southern Gospel singing group, who use the airplane as transportation between the various venues and events they have scheduled all across the United States. Andy S., our newest apprentice, is breaking in as part of the crew conducting the Aztec's annual inspection.

Andy S. and Terry repair engine baffling on the Aztec.

The Navajo belongs to Arctic Barnabas, a ministry of encouragement and support to missionaries in remote, inland Alaska. The overhauled left engine is on the airframe, the crew door is in place, and the annual inspection is nearly finished. As soon as a spinner bulkhead arrives, the airplane will be closed up, the paperwork completed, and airplane returned to service.

Chuck and the "crew door" he installed on the Navajo.

The Skipper is a local, non-mission airplane, that we're inspecting and repairing. Mike, Mark, Jim, Andy, and Paul G. have worked their way over the airplane and through its various systems and structures for three weeks now. The project should be wrapped up and back in its hangar "across the field" any day now.

Jim makes some adjustments on the Skipper's engine.

Mark inspects beneath the Skipper's floor panels.

The CEO is Dwight Jarboe, MMS Aviation President & CEO and holder of an FAA mechanic certificate for 42 years. Dwight led the apprentices in a special class on "carburetors" this morning blending "theory" with hangar floor reality.

Dwight explains a diagram as Andy S., Bob, and Andy P. look on and listen in.

There's always something interesting going on around our facility whether administrative or operational, whether dealing with people, with planes, or both people AND planes. Thanks for being part of God's work through your continued interest and involvement.

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