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Friday, August 8, 2014

Mercy is upon us

 Wednesday morning was filled with excitement as the distant thump of the rotors drew closer. As our eyes were drawn to the North East open sky the thumping dot grew larger and larger until the swirling wind and dust settled and the rotors worked their way to a stop next to hangar A. Out stepped two gentlemen from Mercy Air with smiles on their faces. Matthias Reuter and Michael Aebi were greeted with out stretched arms and a firm hand shake. As excited as they both are, we at MMS are that much more excited as this is a first time opportunity to share our hangar with MercyAir. They will be using our hangar to work on their newly acquired AS-350B2 helicopter which Matthias flew here from Pittsburgh. MercyAir will be using our facility to reconfigure the helicopter from a medical use to a utility used helicopter.

MercyAir was established in 1991 and they are an independent Christian humanitarian aid aviation service. Their goal is to provide lasting aid to victims of natural and human disasters in the South African region in a swift and non-bureaucratic manner. It is our desire here at MMS to use what God has given us in a way that honors Him. If you would like more information about this wonderful organization you can go to for their helicopter program and to take you to  their general site. Below is a picture of their new helicopter and following are pictures of what they do.
Matthias and Michael with the new helicopter ready to be reconfigured

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