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Friday, August 1, 2014

Some things in life are concrete

 Our facilities manager Dave Shelly has been working very hard to set up a time to get some much needed concrete repair work done. This project is two fold, the first part of the project requires the removal and replacement of some broken concrete pads between the hangars and the second part of the project is the addition of a concrete pad for the PT6 training station that we acquired earlier this year. The PT6 training station needs to be deeply rooted as the PT6 turbine generates 750 HP. The concrete crew that is doing this work for MMS has been working together as a team for quite a while. This was evident in the seamless effort they put into it. As one crew member was breaking up the concrete another crew member was loading the truck with the broken pieces and as he drove away another crew member followed up and formed up the open spaces readying the area. The unity of a team is evidence of a deep understanding  of each individual involved. I have the privilege of watching each member of our team work together in "preparing people and airplanes for world wide mission service". Here at MMS we are always striving to have a deeper understanding of each other so that we may work in a manner that may bring glory to God and that we may be a reflection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
Breaking ground by hangar C

Loading up broken concrete by hangar C

Removing and leveling dirt for the run up pad by hangar B

Breaking ground in front of hangar A

Removal of the excess dirt and concrete for the run up pad

Pouring the run up pad

Finishing the run up pad for the PT6(notice the deep anchors in place)

Finishing the prep work in front of hangar A

Let the pouring begin

We are half way there

Finally almost finished

Ahhh the finishing touches and then we are done

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