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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Unity in the body

 Dear MMS,
    Your picture in the April Ground Crew newsletter illustrated the complexity of your work.
    You have that stabilizer torn down to its basic frame.
    The picture and caption also brought to mind our extended discussion on the Cessna 206/207. 
    The critical nature of your work which is, for most people, unseen service illustrates the complexity of how God works in our world.
    First, much of the critical spiritual work we do on our own lives is unseen by almost everyone but God.
    Second, the interrelatedness of our service for the Lord, where each one has a part & God brings them all together, is amazing. 
    Your unseen work will enable this plane to fly.  This will allow supplies and people to travel where they could not otherwise go.
    This will allow face to face interaction and ministry which could not have taken place in any other way.
    Peoples' lives will be changed through this interaction and ministry.  And they will change others.
    Only God can coordinate all of this.

This is an email that one of our staff has received from a pastor who supports our ministry here at MMS.
The body of Christ is to have unity if we are to accomplish the work that has been set out for us to do.
In the same way the body of an airplane must also work together for it to perform well in the air. From the struts to the stabilizers to the skins and rivets they all play a vital role in the strength and flexibility of the body so that under pressure and stresses they hold up well to perform their tasks that they have been given.

 Every mission aircraft at every location around the world is unique in the environment that it is to operate in. The pictures of the airplane below are from the MAF or Mission Aviation Fellowship Cessna 206 going to Suriname and coming from Indonesia. This particular airplane was used in 2004 to distribute supplies after the Tsunami had devastated much of that area. For more on Mission Aviation Fellowship and their ministry you can go to Mission Aviation Fellowship to explore this wonderful ministry that we serve. Below is a glimpse at some of the body of the 206 being worked on.

Chuck is having a riveting experience with the right wing
Some of the wing skin needed to be replaced

Phil is inspecting a stabilizer part before installation to the fuselage

Preparations are  being made for the fuel bladder installation

Final prep work of the fuselage before it is painted

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