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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The leading edge

You are probably wondering why this posting is titled "the leading edge." An airplane has a leading edge on it's wings and how it is shaped will determine the airflow it receives to create lift which keeps the airplane in the air. There are some leading edges that are designed to produce more lift at lower speeds so planes can use shorter runways. Other leading edge shapes are designed for speed and aerobatics. Airplane designers need to understand these principals to determine the proper leading edges for the work the plane is going to perform.

A missionary organization needs proper leading as well. Just like different wing leading edges, a missionary organization's leader needs many different "edges" for the organization to run smoothly. MMS is no different. Our leader Dwight Jarboe is President and CEO of MMS Aviation. Dwight has been in missionary service 42 years filling many roles. As you see from the pictures below, he does not just sit in a large chair in a corner office but is engaged in many different tasks as he leads our organization.

Even though he's been known to play the trumpet, Dwight isn't one to "toot his own horn". He likes to showcase accomplishments of his coworkers while he stays more in the background. We are blessed to have this type of leadership and his "leading edge".

Dwight working hard at his President/ CEO duties

" Hmmm, I know that cable is in there some where "

" Well Jake, I hope you were listening the last 2-1/2 yrs. as I administer your practical exam for your A&P "

" Mornin' Phil, how's the family "

" I enjoy giving tours and talking about MMS. "

" Yep, the necessary paperwork is here for the annual inspection. "

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