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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

a new year and a new beginning

As we begin each new year we think of it as a new beginning a starting over a golfers mulligan so to speak. Here at MMS we see each new year as a fresh start to a new beginning and a chance to serve in ways we may have not served before. Our new beginning is also a new beginning for new staff and apprentices as well. In December we had Jenny Haver start at the hangar and in just a few short weeks we have two new faces starting out in the hangar as well. David Blanton who is receiving some advanced training to go with his A&P will be here for the next two years and we have a new staff member who has joined us from World Gospel Mission and is on loan to us, Mike Garrett is a former apprentice graduate and is now serving as staff in our hangar. With each new face comes new talents and abilities.

As we begin each year here at MMS we have the new beginning with an important task known as inventory. Every rivet every screw every piece of sheet metal must be accounted for. This daunting task takes the help of every one out on the floor. This year may have been the most efficient we have been at completing this task. Way to go every one great job. I have attached some pictures of the occasion below.


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