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Friday, January 16, 2015

The MAF Suriname 206 gets its wings

The new year is starting at a fast pace here at MMS. We have finished inventory, review of our SOP manual cleaned the hangar and jumped right in to the many projects in the hangar. One of the first priorities was to get the wings installed on the Suriname 206. This is an effort of large proportions to properly install the wings. It takes a lot of man power to work them into position and then connect them to the fuselage.

The Suriname 206 came from Indonesia where it served many years and needed to be rebuilt. This is the largest rebuild we have done here at MMS. This plane was completely taken apart and is now in the reassembly stages. Connecting the wings back on is a major step in the project to get it to completion. I have attached a video time lapse of the project so you can see the effort it takes.


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