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Friday, December 12, 2008

Speeding The Gospel on Friday Afternoon

As snow falls on this cold, pre-winter Friday afternoon, the whine of high-speed drills, the percussion of rivet guns, and the delicate clickety-clack of ratchet wrenches, combine to create a mechanical symphony that drifts through our hangar on the waves of the overhead heaters.

Working in sweatshirts and ski-caps in the heated but nowhere near hot hangar, our missionaries push their projects ahead one step at a time. Christmas is coming, but there are few holiday distractions on the shop floor. Christmas is the reason for our work. The reality of Christ and His Good News needs to be shared. There are many in remote places who have yet to hear.

Airplanes speed the Gospel to the unreached and shorten the time it takes to tell everyone The Story.

How many more Christmases will there be before Christ comes back? Only God knows. But if we puposefully do our job here, allowing others to faithfully do their job out there, we may shorten the time before we begin the true Celebration in Heaven.

Gertjan prepares to replace the bearings in the trim tab actuator for Moody's 182.

Ian fits a new front faring on the 182's vertical stabilizer.

Josh fits the exhaust on the right engine on the Pfeiffer Aztec.