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Monday, December 15, 2008

Bob, Chuck, Dennis, and Tim

Bob splits his time between being a mechanic on the hangar floor and serving as our Training Manager on the administrative side. Recently he's been assisting Tim with the annual inspection on the Aztec.

Bob installs an instrument in the Aztec control panel.

Chuck, one of our Production Mechanics, has spent considerable time on the 182 project so far. He's moved from working inside the fuselage to preparing the 182 seats for installation.

Chuck installs a second seat stop.

Dennis, our Chief Inspector, is gifted in many ways and can often be found making tooling instead of buying it. His skills have saved MMS thousands of dollars over the past years.

Dennis machining some new tooling.

Tim, our Production Manager, is overseeing the Aztec annual inspection. The aircraft is off the jacks and back on its own landing gear. The inspection should be wrapped up by the end of the week.

Tim greases the right propeller hub.

Thanks for your prayers which enable us to serve mission aviation through the preparation of people and planes.

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