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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Work Stops, Work Continues, and Work Starts

Work Stops
With the completion of the floor panel installation, work has drawn to a close on the Honduran 206 until such time as their mission can provide additional funds allowing the project to continue.

Josh and Scott with the tool array necessary to complete the installation.

Work Continues
Gertjan and Ian continue to move ahead with painting the control surfaces and airframe components of the Moody 182.

Prepping for a second coat of white paint

Work Begins
Along with our long-term restoration projects, routine maintenance jobs are also scheduled like the annual inspection on the Pfeiffer Evangelical Association's Piper Aztec.

Tim begins the inspection on the Aztec.

The list of projects for 2009 is greater than the manpower we currently have in the hangar. We'd appreciate your prayers for the Lord to grow our staff and provide more apprentices allowing us to better accomplish the work He's directing our way.

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