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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Pfeifer Aztec

It's been mighty chilly around here lately with wind-chill temps sinking into the negative figures for the past couple days. But regardless of the cold and ice outside, the hangar work continues on the inside.

Today's feature is on the Pfeifer's Aztec. The Pfeifer's are a Christian music group and they use the Aztec for transportation between concerts. We first came into contact with them early last year and have worked on the aircraft several times. This time Tim, Josh, and Scott L. are conducting an annual inspection on the airplane. Tim got the ball rolling and the inspection was moving right along until a discrepancy was discovered requiring substantial disassembly of both engines. Josh took on the right engine. Scott took on the left engine.

Josh cleans and organizes parts prior to reassembly.

Scott cleans and organizes parts prior to reassembly.

Scott, Josh, and the Aztec.

With Josh and Scott's skills and abilities, the Aztec will soon be back on the Pfiefer flight line carrying the Gospel forward through musical outreach.

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