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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Landing Gear

As our team of mechanics continue their work on the Cessna 182 for Moody Aviation, Scott's assignment within that team is to overhaul the landing gear system. This 182 is an "R" version which means it has retractable landing gear. Retractable landing gear is a bit more complex than a "fixed gear" aircraft. Scott's been diligently working away cleaning, inspecting, repairing, painting, installing, rigging, and now is getting to the point where various components are literally coming together. It won't be long before the fuselage will rest on its own tires instead of the jig and support sling.

Scott familiarizes himself with the emergency hand pump assembly. The hand pump is used to manually lower the landing gear should the automatic system ever fail.

Beginning disassembly of the emergency hand pump.

Scott overhauling the emergency hand pump.

The nose and main gear struts are in place.

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