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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

LeTourneau Missions Week Day 3

With day three of LeTourneau's missions week well underway, Ken and Rachel have teamed up on a couple projects: inspecting the magnetos for a Lycoming IO-360 and preparing small airframe components from the Honduran 206 for paint. Kevin and Ben finished maintenance of the brake system of GCI's King Air and are continuing work on the airframe. Matt, LeTourneau faculty advisor, and MMS CEO, Dwight, are heading off to visit Preferred Airparts this afternoon.

With the missions trip at its halfway point there's still more work to accomplish (between the Honduran 206, the Brazilian 206, GCI's King Air, IO-360 and the Taylorcraft repairs) than there is time in which to accomplish it.

Ken and Rachel inspect magnetos under David's instruction.

After completing the magneto inspection, Ken & Rachel moved into Hangar C to prepare parts from the Honduran 206 for paint.

Bob oversees Kevin in the overhaul of a brake master cylinder from the King Air.

Kevin pumps hydraulic fluid into the brake system as Ben (0ff camera) inspects the fluid flow for air bubbles.

After completing the brake system, Kevin and Ben continue airframe maintenance on the King Air.

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