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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wednesday Project Report

It's cool, breezy and rainy today so we still have the hangar doors closed. After such a long, cold winter we're all ready to have the hangar doors open to enjoy sunshine and warmer temperatures. Those days are coming...

Taylorcraft Repair
Andy has finished his Basic Training and is developing his skills related to fabric coverings. He's currently re-covering a horizontal stabilizer for a regional Taylorcraft.

Andy secures the edge of the fabric to the horizontal stabilizer.

Moody 182 Restoration
The avionics system is the key project area remaining on the Moody 182. Structure needs to be reinforced, new aluminum components fabricated, existing wiring inspected and organized, new wiring harnesses made, and components need to be tested. It's an intricate and detailed, time consuming process.

Mike and Paul begin the process of creating all the wiring necessary for the182's communication and navigation system.

Honduran 206
Not totally forgotten in the focus on the Moody 182 is the Honduran 206 project. Scott is tasked with keeping that moving forward through making some additional sheet metal repairs to the leading edge of one of the wings. Once the 182 is completed, the combined team effort will be concentrated on the Honduran 206.

Scott trims the new leading edge section after he'd shaping it on a jig.

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