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Thursday, March 19, 2009

LeTourneau Missions Week Day 4

Day four continued the high level of production by the LeTourneau missions team as they serve in Hangar A, Hangar B, and Hangar C.

In Hangar A, work continues on the Cessna 206 being restored for service in Brazil while an engine donated to MMS is disassembled and inspected.

Matt removes a bellcrank from the right wing of the Brazilian 206.

Ken removes a bellcrank from the left wing of the Brazilian 206.

Rachel works with Chuck to disassemble the donated IO 360.

In Hangar B, the repairs to the leading edge of the left wing for the Honduran 206 moved forward.

Pete begins drilling out the rivets to remove the bad portion of the skin.

Pete with the skin section removed.

With the King Air pushed out of Hangar C, the engine nacelle fuel probes were removed for inspection.

Ben prepares to remove the fuel probe from the left nacelle.

Kevin and Bob work to remove the fuel probe from the right nacelle.

Mike, project team leader, confirms the left fuel probe is in excellent condition.

The King air was pushed back into Hangar C at the end of the day and awaits the delivery of its freshly overhauled propellers.

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