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Friday, March 6, 2009

The Moody 182 is Swarmed

Swarming an airplane at MMS is getting everyone around it and putting everyone to work on it. Well, right now the Moody 182 is getting swarmed. (Actually, the GCI King Air was swarmed on Monday as both propellers needed to be pulled for overhaul. I'll post some photos of the propeller pull next week.)

David & Andy finalize installation of the 182's engine.

With Andy and David focused on finalizing the 182 engine, nearly all other personnel have turned-to in order continue moving the structural part of the restoration to conclusion. Control surfaces are being rigged, wing tips are being fitted and wired, ailerons are being hung, the horizontal stabilizer is being attached, final components are being painted, and it won't be long before the elevators are tightened to their control tube and the flaps will be in their tracks.

The swarm: two mechanics on the engine, four mechanics on the airframe.

Yet, four other projects are underway while the 182 swarm is on: the annual inspection of the Focus Aviation Cessna 206, two engine overhauls, and as mentioned above the King Air is in for scheduled maintenance.

Greg, a regular volunteer with MMS, works on the Focus 206 inspection.

We've had to postpone two new projects until later this year just because there's too much work for too few hands right now. We would appreciate your prayers as we work our way through these next few weeks and months on the hangar floor.

And as you pray, we could really use a couple additional field-experienced A&P's on staff with a passion to invest their knowledge, wisdom, and skills into the lives of those preparing to go.

Thanks for your gifts and prayers which make MMS' worldwide ministry possible!

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