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Friday, March 20, 2009

LeTourneau Missions Team Day 5

It's hard to believe our week together is already over. Day 5 is coming to a close. It seems like the LeTourneau missions team just arrived and now they're rounding up tools, cleaning work areas, and preparing to spend the last few hours of daylight on a driving tour of Amish Country.

It's been a tremendous blessing to have Matt, Rachel, Pete, Kevin, Ben, Eli, Julia, and Ken with us as co-laborers for the past week. Much has been accomplished. The mission effort has been moved forward through their assistance with the Cessna 206 being restored for ministry in Brazil, with the Cessna 206 being restored for ministry in Honduras, with the Cessna 182 being restored for flight training with Moody Aviation, with scheduled maintenance on a King Air used by a ministry reaching the Chinese in the US and Canada, and even on our own Taylorcraft BL-65.

Here are some last minute snapshots:

Ben lubricates the propeller bolts on one of the two freshly overhauled propellers for the King Air.

Ben works with Andy to secure the prop in place.

Eli fabricates aluminum for a repair on the Moody 182 under Paul's supervision.

Pete prepares the leading edge of the Honduran 206 wing for use as a pattern in shaping the new skin while Mike instructs Julia in the disassembly and inspection of aircraft seats.

Kevin, Ken, and Rachel work to remove the cylinder head from our Taylorcraft in order to replace the head gasket.

Thank you for your help, guys and gals. It's been great having you as part of the MMS Aviation team over the past week. We look forward to having another group from LeTourneau University head our way this time next year. Safe travels and may God receive the glory!

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