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Monday, January 25, 2010

Back On The Blog

We're back on the blog today. Thanks for your patience over the past week while I was out of the hangar. Here's a quick update on our four major projects:

Brazilian 206
While the guys are waiting on paint to finish of the repaired wings, the instrument panel upgrade continues. With the basic nav/com stack wired up, Mike's shifted over to fabricating a metal instrument panel to replace the standard plastic style panel.

Here's a shot of the new nav/com wiring harness that Mike made.

Mike cuts aluminum away from the 206's old instrument panel.

Pfeifer Aztec
The annual inspection of the Aztec is well underway. The airframe has been opened up and both engines are currently undergoing inspection. Dale is overseeing this project.

Tim replaces safety wire on the Aztec's right propeller.
The Canadian 337 is in the background.

Paul J. inspects the Aztec's left engine.

Canadian 337
Paul G. is repairing the cargo pod, Chuck is making repairs to the horizontal stabilizer, and Scott and Dale soon hope to have the front engine mounted on the run-up stand in the test cell.

Honduran 206
Completion of this project is now on hold awaiting return of a radio sent out for repair.

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