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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Replacing and Rewiring An Instrument Panel

The Brazilian 206 project is the second consecutive aircraft restoration where we've been asked to completely redesign and rewire the airplane's instrument panel. The recently completed Moody 182 project being the prior request. It's quite an intricate, labor intensive, and painstaking process. Along with all the new wiring and new nav/com stack, the plastic instrument panel will be replaced with one fabricated from steel.

Andy removes all the wiring and hardware behind the 206's plastic instrument panel.

The "gutted" panel area.

Some of the guts.

Andy and Mike organize the tools, components, and wires necessary to replace, restore, and upgrade what was removed.

While this is a relatively routine level of maintenance for us as an organization, it provides quite an in-depth level of maintenance experience for the apprentices involved. Learning how to rewire a panel through actually rewiring the panel of a missionary airplane adds a different level of realty to the training situation.

It's a blessing to serve the mission aviation community by preparing people to serve as missionary aircraft mechanics while preparing missionary airplanes for service around the world. Thanks for being part of it through your gifts, prayers, and encouragement.

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