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Friday, January 8, 2010

Weather Report and Friday Project Updates

Weather Report
Five inches of snow fell over the past 24 hours and we may receive another inch or two over the weekend. It's warmed to 20 degrees though the wind looks like it's picking up a bit. Everyone made it into the shop today and our three primary projects continue to move closer to completion though manpower is primarily focused on the Canadian 337 and the Brazilian 206 right now.

Canadian 337
Scott and Dale continue to assemble the front engine as Chuck and Paul G work on the airframe.

Scott sets a cylinder stud.

Dale oversees Scott as he measures "backlash" on the magneto drive gear to make sure it's within tolerance.

A close-up of measuring the mag gear's backlash.

Chuck makes a repair to the 337's horizontal stabilizer.

Brazilian 206
Josh is installing seat track, Mike is organizing wiring, Mark is working on the cargo doors, and Jim is installing avionics/electrical hardware on the Brazilian 206.

Jim installs a bracket to hold electrical components on the engine side of the firewall.

Have a great weekend and stay warm or stay cool depending on where you're spending your winter!

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