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Monday, January 4, 2010

We're Back At Work!

Welcome to 2010! Everyone's back in the hangar and ready for another year of serving our Lord through preparing people and planes for worldwide mission service.

The first order of the day, after returning from Christmas break, is to perform our year-end inventory.

While it's not the most exciting activity, it is an important activity as we reconcile actual count with our records. Consequently, the guys are down in the hangar happily counting and measuring the day away. If everything goes smoothly, inventory should be finished tomorrow. After inventory is completed we'll take a full day to review our Standard Operating Procedures manual as a group. Now THAT's something to look forward too!

Actually, the group SOP review is an important activity too. Not only does it provide a refresher of the SOP contents, it also provides a forum for us to analyze whether or not we're operating "by the book". And if we discover areas in which we're operating inconsistently with the SOP we can then decide whether we need to change our practice to conform to the procedure or change the procedure to conform with our current practice. We always have good discussions during this process.

Jim, Tim, Mike, and Mark organize for inventory.

Dennis & Andy focus on the job at hand.

Ian, Mike, and Mark conducting inventory.

Weather-wise we're back in the snow mode...

Two inches of fresh snow with more falling.

It's great to be back and posting blogs again. Stop by often. I'll update on the aircraft projects soon.

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