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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hangar Door Installation

The new hangar door has been installed on Hangar A! It's been a challenging week or so of wet, rainy, windy weather for the construction crew but the door is up, the insulation is in, and the aluminum siding is on!

The construction crew disassembles and removes the old four-panel steel doors. This was the last good weather the crew was going to see for a while.

With the door removed and weather tarps in place, the crew removes the final structure.

The crew positions the lighter, single-panel door structure.

The new insulation and new exterior panels are secured in place.

Here's a picture of the door nearly completed.

It's really exciting to see the project finally come together in the most literal sense. Thank you for your gifts toward the Raise The Roof campaign which made this all, and more, possible. Lord willing we'll soon conduct a door swing test to finalize the installation.

The construction crew is currently overhead working hard and fast at replacing the roof! The sun is out the sky is blue, the old roof is coming off and the new roof is going on.

Thanks for your prayers.

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