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Friday, April 15, 2011

The New Roof Is Going On!

As I sit in upstairs in my office, it sounds like there's a herd of elephants rampaging overhead! A herd of elephants that use drills and tools and power equipment of various sizes and shapes. There's a lot of banging and driving of screws and moving around up there. The construction crew is blazing away on the roof installation as I type. They're making great progress while the sun is shining as it's supposed to get wet and windy overnight and through tomorrow.

It's exciting to have the project coming so close to completion. Lord willing we'll be able to use our front hangar again by the end of next week.

Rolls of insulation ready to be taken topside.

Additional rolls of insulation inside Hangar A. How's that new door looking on the left of the frame?

Removing the old roof panels.

The crew chief takes care of the edge-work.

There's a whole lot of sunshine spilling in!

A workman tapes off the crossbeams before laying a roll of insulation in place.

Thanks for your gifts and prayers that have made this project possible!

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