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Friday, April 29, 2011

Looking Forward to Spring

Here are some end-of-the-week snaps from the hangar. Rumor is we're finally going to have some sun and spring-like warm temperatures over the weekend. Everyone around here will certainly enjoy that! No tornadoes here, just lots of continual rain, wind, and/or clouds. Summer may arrive before spring really starts.

Dale provides instruction to Andy on some airframe repairs inside the Gabon 207.

Josh bolts the engine into the Gabon 207.

Scott takes care of some fabrication on an elevator for the Brigade 172 while Terry makes repairs to its air-box.

Tim provides instruction to Ben, our newest apprentice. Ben is currently working his way through Basic Training before starting on the hangar floor.

Dave deposits the last of the scrap from the Raise The Roof project into the dumpster!

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