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Friday, January 9, 2009

Closing Out Week One

As light snow begins to fall, and with another Winter Storm Warning in place, MMS's first week in 2009 draws to a close. Work continues on the main projects: the Honduran 206, Moody's 182, the Pfeifer Aztec, and literally just ahead of the storm, a Bellanca Viking landed and taxied up to the hangar. The Bellanca is operated by a US-based ministry that flies througout the southwest and into Mexico. It's here for an annual inspection. Today's photos:

Scott Grote signs parts out from the "AN" cart
for the Honduran 206.

David balances a control surface for the Moody 182.

Tim secures an exhast stack to the left
engine of the Pfeifer's Piper Aztec.

Gertjan reassembles a magneto for the Aztec after
cleaning, inspecting, and repairing it.

There's always something going on at MMS. Thanks for being part of it through your gifts and prayers.

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