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Friday, January 30, 2009

More Snow and More 182

With a fresh inch of snow on the ground today and flurries continuing on and off, tomorrow may be the first day in several where snow doesn't fall. But then there's supposedly a new storm building in the Gulf of Mexico that will swing north and then northeast crashing into the Jet Stream and by Monday we could be back in it all over again. We'll see. There are still many people in Coshocton County without power from the last storm. The snow is starting to drift with the strong winds we're having.

Alaska or Ohio?

The 182 project continues to move ahead. With the new windscreen installed, the fuselage is getting taped and prepped for paint. The wings and control surfaces were painted earlier this month.

Scott tapes the 182 fuselage.

David removes paint from one of the 182's doors.

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