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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Time Well Spent

Over the past week, work has continued to move forward with three projects simultaneously. In fact the Honduran 206, the Brazilian 206, and the Moody 182 fuselages are all being prepared for paint.

The Brazilian 206 is in the foreground, the Moody 182 in the background.

The Honduran 206

First, all three fuselages were relocated in Hangar A. After the initial paint removal came the detailing. After detailing came the pressure-washing. After pressure-washing came the etch and Alodine process which readies the aluminum for new paint.

David uses a dental pick to carefully remove paint around rivet heads.

Scott hits the Brazilian 206 fuselage with the high-pressure washer.

The Moody 182 after etch, Alodine and final rinse

It's a labor intensive, time consuming process requiring pains-taking detail work to find and remove every fleck of paint around each rivet head, in each corner, along every seam, and on every external surface.

But it's time well spent in doing the job right. We desire to make every effort to ensure that the result of our work not only meets our own standard of professionalism, but more importantly also pleases our Lord whom we serve, and the missionary organizations we support.

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