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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Safety Wire and Magnetos

Josh continues work on the Aztec for the Christian singing group, The Pfeifers. While waiting for the magnetos to be overhauled, Josh removed old safety-wire from the propellers and then installed new safety- wire. Safety-wire is used to make sure that nuts and screws don't loosen over hours of operation. Key components of all aircraft are are also "safetied." A special type of plier is used to cut, twist, and secure the wire. Safety-wiring is quite an art.

Josh removes the old safety-wire before installing the new.

While Josh was installing safety-wire, Gerthan was in the engine shop learning how to disassemble, clean, inspect, and repair the magnetos for the Aztec. It was Gertjan's first attempt at magnetos and he quickly took to the task.

Dennis instructs Gertjan in torqing the main nut on the magneto.

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Aviation Safey Wire said...

Safety Wiring is in fact quite the art. Not to bad once you get the hang of it though. Like with anything it just takes some practice. I am wondering if they have the safety wire competition at the PAMA Great Lakes Aviation Conference this weekend. It is always fun.