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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The 210 Comes Back Together

While the rain falls outside, work continues on the 210 inside Hangar A. The guys are in the process of putting the aircraft back together as the inspection process itself has been completed. Over the past week various components have been repaired, discrepancies corrected, systems checked and double-checked, tests run, measurements taken, data and manuals referred to, and every nook and cranny has been looked into and evaluated for airworthiness.

Inspecting an airplane is a critical part of aviation maintenance and is something each of our apprentices will be doing as they continue their service around the world. Good inspections, good inspectors, save lives and resources.

Earlier today: Scott works on the engine, Paul installs the nose gear, Tim provides instruction, and Gertjan (inside the fuselage) works on the airplane's interior.

Later this afternoon: Gertjan secures the spinner in place
and Andy finishes some engine work.

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