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Friday, April 3, 2009

A Podcast and Project Pictures

MMS just participated in its very first "podcast." It's featured as Episode #3 on the International Association of Missionary Aviation (IAMA) website. You can access and listen to the podcast by clicking here.

As far as project updates, the Moody 182 continues to move ahead. Mike is still assembling the various wiring bundles necessary for the avionics equipment, Ian continues to fit the interior pieces, and Andy is taping off the new windows in preparation for applying sealant.

Josh is taking care of some odds and ends on the Honduran 206 and Greg, a regular volunteer, is fabricating new skin for the Brazilian 206.

The Moody 182.

Ian continues fitting the new interior panels for the 182.

Josh aligns and marks new motor mount shrouds for the Honduran 206.

Thanks for being part of this dynamic ministry through your friendship, interest, prayers and your gifts. Please tell others about MMS and feel free to email these posts (and the podcast!) to anyone you think might have an interest. The better MMS is known, the better we'll be enabled to serve mission aviation. And may God receive the glory for it!

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