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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Finishing the 210 and Moving Ahead With The 182

Mike continues his work wiring the navigation/communication stack for the Moody 182. On Monday, Mike started with a single red wire. Today he has a few more wires in place with more soon to be in place.

Mike at work wiring the nav/com stack.

The Cessna 210 is off the jacks, back on its wheels, cowled up, and having the last few fairings installed and inspected. It's all over but the paperwork and a few final checks before being signed-off as airworthy. Ian and his team have done a good job getting this airplane "in and out" in a professional, timely way. The project has provided good experience and learning opportunities for Gertjan, Andy, Paul, and Scott.

Buttoning-up the 210.

We're thankful for the airplane owner entrusting us with his airplane and thankful for your gifts and prayers which enable us to minister in such a unique way.

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