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Monday, April 27, 2009

Newly Approved Candidates & GCI Crusade

Jeremiah & Briana Are Accepted For Service
Last week's candidate evaluation went very well and resulted in Jeremiah and Briana being accepted for apprenticeship. After three days of evaluation and two days of orientation, they headed back home to Colorado Friday evening ready to raise the support necessary to start service.

Jeremiah & Briana during orientation.

Gospel Carrier 310 Annual Inspection And Evangelistic Crusade
GCI's Cessna 310 was moved from Hangar C up to Hangar A this morning in preparation to undergo its annual inspection.

Tim moves the 310 from Hangar C to Hangar A.

Tim and Dave then position the 310 in Hangar A.

Just as an update, GCI is flying their King Air 200 in to Coshocton this evening on the return leg of an evangelistic outreach across the United States. Willams Chang, GCI's pastor/pilot, is stopping in town for an overnight with his team of Chinese pastors and evangelists before flying into Virgina for additional outreach. The team was most recently in Texas conducting evangelistic events.

It's a blessing to be able to serve as a partner in GCI's ministry to the Chinese speaking people in America through providing labor-free maintenance on their three airplanes. Thank you for making it possible through your gifts and prayers!

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