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Monday, April 20, 2009

Candate Evaluation

This week we're conducting a candidate evaluation. Jeremiah and Briana are here from Colorado after passing the written application process for apprenticeship. After application, the final step is for the candidate to come to MMS, work in our hangar for three days, and interact socially with our families in the evenings. Should all go well, and they successfully complete the selection committee interview, their two day orientation for support raising would begin.

Jeremiah works under Ian's supervision.

It's an intense time for the candidate and it's a serious time for the mission as we work to discern the candidate and candidate's family's suitability for service with our ministry. Please pray for MMS and for Jeremiah and Briana this week as we seek the Lord's will for their future.

Of course work continues in the rest of the hangar while the evaluation is underway.

Honduran 206
Scott and Paul are back on the leading edge repair on the Honduran 206.

Moody 182
Gertjan runs wire to relocate instruments in the soon to be built instrument panel.

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