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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Plugging Away and Flying Away

Plugging Away
Downstairs, the guys continue to plug away in the hangar:

  • Gospel Carrier International's Cessna 310 is opened up for inspection, the oil drained from the engines, and the oil filters inspected.
One of the Cessna 310's engines.

  • The horizontal stabilizer has been re-covered with fabric and reinstalled on the locally owned Taylorcraft.
Andy fabricates a bushing for the Taylorcraft horizontal stabilizer.

  • The leading edge repair is nearly completed on the one wing of the Honduran 206.
Paul and Scott finish riveting the repair in place.

Flying Away
The the evangelistic team (from mainland China) traveling with Gospel Carrier International arrived last night from Texas and left this afternoon to continue their outreach to Chinese speakers in America.

The evangelistic team departs Coshocton in GCI's King Air.

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