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Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Canadian Cessna 337 Project Begins

It was a big day today at MMS. The LAMP's Cessna 337 was moved up to Hangar A from Hangar C to have both engines overhauled and undergo an annual inspection.

What's the big deal, you might be thinking. After all, it's just another missionary airplane and MMS works on missionary airplanes all the time. True. Very true, but in this instance it's taken over two years to get the airplane from Hangar C into Hangar A and onto the active production schedule. In fact, the airplane actually arrived at MMS before Hanger C was even built.

The easy part was getting the airplane to MMS. The hard part has been having all the variables, and there can be more than you might imagine, come together to actually allow the project to begin. Well, today is the big day!

While it took substantially longer than expected for the project to go active, it really only took ten minutes to physically move the aircraft from Hangar C to Hangar A. These photos are included to help you share in our excitement.

Scott, who'll oversee much of the project, pulls the airplane along the taxiway between Hangar C and Hangar A.

Scott rounds the corner of Hangar A...

orients the aircraft for positioning...

and then positions it inside the hangar.

Within minutes a access panels, inspection plates, and cowlings were being removed. Stay tuned to keep up with the progress of this next major project!

1 comment:

Rachel Ballou said...

YAYYYY! That is Super exciting. Glad all the details came together.