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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Interior Design--Moody 182 Style

Interior design is a bit different when considered in the general aviation context. While standard interior components and interior "kits" can be ordered "stock" for each aircraft type, each aircraft is a bit different so none of the "stock" components fit fresh out of the box.

"Fitting" all the plastic interior panels is a painstaking process of measuring, cutting, filing, abrading, drilling, shaping, heating, molding, sometimes gluing, and always praying. In the Cessna 182, Ian is currently fitting twenty different plastic interior pieces of all shapes and sizes.

But getting it to fit is only part of the process. Once everything fits, then it all has to be removed again and then prepped and painted to match the airplane's color scheme. Once it's painted, THEN it may finally be ready for installation...IF all the measuring, cutting, filing, abrading, drilling, shaping, heating, molding, and gluing has been done answer to fervent missionary prayer!

Ian uses a Dremel tool to modify one of the interior pieces.

While Ian is on his knees fitting the interior, Mike is on the floor panels finalizing the installation of the landing gear.

Some days it can be cramped and uncomfortable working on missionary airplanes, but cramped or not, uncomfortable as it may be, it's still Kingdom work! Thank you for making our Kingdom work possible through your gifts and prayers.

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