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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Quiet Wednesday

It was kind of a quiet Wednesday today. Sure, work's being accomplished, there's just not a lot of noise being generated related to the work. Let's give you a run-down:

Scott G. sorted and organized aircraft components related to the Honduran 206 restoration, Scott L. fabricated a repair on the cowling for the Honduran 206 while Andy finished driving rivets in a new skin and removed old primer from the forward part of its fuselage, Ian continued to fit interior pieces to Moody's 182, Chuck made final adjustments and twisted safety wire on the engine he just installed, Tim focused on production related paperwork, Paul focused on researching service bulletins for the 182, Bob worked with David M. on measurements in preparation for David's FAA tests, Dwight re-wrote a section of one of our operational manuals, Keith developed a strategic plan for one couple raising support to start service with MMS and had a meeting, Mary crunched numbers and paid bills, Dennis prepared for a routine inspection of our maintenance records by the FAA, Gertjan was off-site taking FAA exam, and David S. spent the day mowing, trimming, and taking care of other facility-related roles and responsibilities.

In addition, Dale is out of the hangar raising additional financial support, Mike is wrapping up three days of vacation, and Josh is still in Zambia, Africa helping CMML modify an airplane for mission service. That about wraps it up for the day. There's always a lot going on at MMS. For such a small organization we can move in a lot of different directions. Thanks for helping make it possible through your gifts and your prayers!

Andy drives rivets securing the new skin in place on the Honduran 206.

Scott L. fabricates a repair on the Honduran 206's cowling.

Bob works with David on measurement techniques.

On the ladies' side, Lisa gets a head start on stuffing GroundCrew newsletters into envelopes for mailing. The rest of the MMS ladies will gather tomorrow night to package up the other 6,000 newsletters!

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