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Friday, May 15, 2009

Wrapping Up The Week

Friday is coming to a close at MMS. On Fridays, work usually stops at 3:00 so everyone can spend the last hour of the day helping clean the entire hangar facility. Trash is collected, floors are swept and/or scrubbed, carpets are vacuumed, stairways mopped, rest rooms cleaned, and the lunch room gets a full going over.

But we're not quite to 3:00 yet. Here are some shots taken moments ago:

Paul and Greg, one of our regular volunteers, prepare the Cessna 337's rear engine for removal.

Paul and the 337's aft engine.

Scott L. continues preparing the Honduran 206 fuselage for paint.

Just as a point of reference, I'll be on vacation all next week and MMS will be closed to observe Memorial Day so it could be a while before a new blog entry is posted. Thanks for your patience and have a great weekend!

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