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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Making The Most of What We Have

We're kind of spread out right now in regards to man power. Josh is spending some time with his family after being away from them on a successful, month-long Rapid Response trip to Zambia, Africa; Ian & Gertjan are down in Alabama receiving a weeks' worth of factory training from an aircraft engine manufacturer; David and Gertjan are in the process of testing for their A&P certificates and beginning their transition to field service, Scott L. and family are back serving in Alaska for a couple weeks, and Tim's getting ready for a week of vacation.

That means, for a short time at least, the rest of the work load falls on Scott G., Paul, Andy, Mike, and Chuck. There's a lot to do, but they're up to it.

Please pray for our guys as they work to accomplish the mission with the resources (and man power) at hand. Your prayers are a heavenly resource we need to get the job done.

Scott and Paul prepare to remove the front engine of LAMP's Cessna 337. The rear engine has already been removed and disassembled.

Andy implements an approved modification of the horizontal stabilizer for the Honduran 206 so it can be installed with screws instead of rivets allowing for easier removal and repair.

Mike completes the final wiring for the 182's avionics installation and upgrade.

Chuck has spent the day with his arms inside the wings of the 182 adjusting the flap rigging by feel.

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