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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Best Aviation Maintenance Value Possible

Part of our ministry to those organizations sending us their airplanes is to make sure they receive the best maintenance value possible. If we can make it, we won't buy it; if we can repair it, we won't replace it; and if we have to buy it, we'll shop for the best deal.

The first two photos represent the second condition--that of making a repair so the entire component won't need to be replaced. Instead of replacing one of the Canadian 337's air selector assemblies for $200, Dale fabricated and then installed a bushing for $2.00 worth of stock material.

Dale fabricates a bushing from steel rod.

Scott and Dale install the bushing.

In our previous post, Paul was pictured inspecting one of the Brazilian 206's wings for fuel tank leaks. That process continued to the point of repair.

Paul inspects the fuel tank (inside the wing) for leaks.

Paul repairs the leaks found in the fuel tank.

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