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Monday, November 23, 2009

A New Week Starts

Honduran 206
While we'd hoped to have the Honduran 206 completed by the end of this month, it now looks like completion will drift into December. Problems have been discovered with the radios which necessitate removal and return to the manufacturer. Lord willing they'll repair and return the radios in rapid fashion.

But even as the radios are pulled, the Honduran 206 was rolled outside to have fuel pumped into its left fuel tank to test repairs made to the tank. Andy reported that the tank passed the test.
Andy pumps aviation gasoline into the fuel tank in the left wing.

On the Brazilian 206...
Mark continues repair on the fiberglass nose bowl pieces.

Fly-in Oil Change
Christian recording artist John Pfeifer flew in this morning so we could change the oil in his airplane's engines. We've performed the maintenance on his Aztec for several years now. When John returned from lunch his airplane was ready to depart thanks to Dale and Chuck's diligent maintenance efforts.
John's Aztec in Hangar C.

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