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Monday, November 9, 2009

New Skin On The Brazilian 206

Josh finished last week getting new skin prepared for installation on the fuselage of the Brazilian 206. He and Paul J. started this week working together to install the skin on the tail cone. Josh worked outside the tail cone driving the rivets while Paul worked inside bucking the rivets. It takes all kinds of rivets of different shapes, sizes, material, and varied hardness to hold an airplane together.

Josh temporarily fastens the new skin in place with "cleco" fasteners used to secure sheet metal in place for drilling or riveting. Clecos come in all shapes and sizes as required by the job.

Lots of clecos are needed to hold the skin in place.

Josh (outside) drives rivets while Paul J. (inside) bucks the rivets.

A collection of assorted rivets being used on the Brazilian 206.

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