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Friday, November 20, 2009

Finishing Friday With A Flourish

As this week draws to a close the guys are pushing hard to make headway on our three primary projects.

Honduran 206
Work on the Honduran 206 continues as the guys fabricate and install the last few structural pieces and instrument installations before the interior (which is prepared for installation) is can be installed.

Andy fabricates a floor panel for underneath the rudder pedals on the Honduran 206.

Brazilian 206
With the remaining paint removed, the fuselage was rolled into Hangar B to allow new windows to be installed. Other structural repairs continue.

Josh (outside) drives rivets while Ian (inside) bucks rivets as they install new windows in the Brazilian 206.

Paul fabricates a new oil stick access door in the Brazilian 206 cowling. The old door location, to the right, will be patched and permanently closed.

Mark repairs the Brazilian 206's right wing.

Canadian 337
While Dale and Scott begin the engine build-up process, Chuck continues with the airframe work.

Chuck removes the propeller unfeather accumulator from the rear engine's mount.

We hope these pictures provide a greater appreciaton of how God is working to expand His Kingdom through your gifts and your prayers in support of our ministry.

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