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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Brazilian 206, Honduran 206, and Calendar Mailing

While the Canadian 337 project is gaining momentum (the front engine is nearing build-up), the Brazilian 206 is going to dominate the blog for a bit, but that's okay. It's where the majority of our manpower is going once the Honduran 206 is completed later this month.

Logan drives rivets into a new belly skin on the Brazilian 206 as Josh bucks from inside the fuselage.

In Hangar B, Paul J. troubleshoots a leak in the right wing fuel tank of the Brazilian 206, Ian (on the ladder) fits the rudder tip fairing on its vertical stabilizer and, if you look into Hangar A you'll see the 206's fuselage where Logan and Josh are working.

Andy seals the magnetos on the Honduran 206's engine.

But not everything is airplanes at MMS. While Rena was in working on receipting donations received over the past four days, Karen, Dana, and Sherry came in to organize the annual mailing of pocket calendars to MMS supporters.

Karen, Dana, and Sherry organize the annual pocket calendar mailing.

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